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Pure Business Solutions is driven to helping the small, to medium, to mid-market companies throughout the United States. Our services touch every level and type of business from construction, manufacturing, nursing, administrative, office people, white collar to blue collar. We are committed to both our clients and the employees that work for them. We bring strong administrative and compliance services to our clients that in turn provide strong benefits to the employees. The most important thing we do is help you to focus on growth and generating profits for your business and not be concerned about all the other things that can consume your time and money. Employees are your greatest asset and your greatest liability. A relationship with Pure Business Solutions can help you to maximize your assets and minimize your liabilities.


Pure Business Solutions has 20 years of experience in the Professional Employer Organization and is capturing the market throughout the state of Texas, and its’ neighboring states by meeting the needs of all businesses. We provide high quality Human Resource Management, Loss Control and Risk Management, and Payroll Administration services. Our team is committed to one goal, making you the client our top priority. Our team is continually training in our area of expertise and upgrading our systems so that you don't have to. No one can know it all, because there is so much to know in our ever changing business environment, but for us that is not an excuse. We have the resources, education, and experience to find the right solutions for you the client, so that you can make the best decisions possible. Our motto is "It's All About the Client".

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