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Payroll Processing // 01

Payroll processing only is a very straight forward service. This is when you've got all the Human Resource, Safety and Workers' Compensation under control and just need some help making sure you get all the payroll rules and taxes adhered to. You send in your payroll information, we process the checks and send them back to you for distribution.


Understanding the ASO Relationship

  • Complete Payroll Processing

  • Process and deliver your payroll

  • Process year end W-2's

  • SUTA reports

  • Employer matching taxes

  • Produce departmental and other necessary reports

  • Wage garnishment and payment forwarding IRS, Child Support, etc.

  • Payroll debit card

  • Direct deposit pay checks for employees

  • Researching & responding to any inquiries from tax authorities (reports only)










Workers' Compensation // 03

Pure Business Solutions brings the best workers' compensation programs with the best rates and best of all, it's virtually worry free! We handle all the administration of a workers' compensation claim, from first report of injury to case closure. Our program facilitates a back to work feature that allows the employee to perform light duty and on the road to a quick recovery.


Important Information:


In Texas, a company that does not have workers compensation coverage automatically forfeits its common law defenses. In other words, you can't defend yourself against an employee law suit, even if you can prove negligence on the part of the employee. If your company doesn't have workers compensation coverage now, Pure Business has the easiest method for protecting your company. We offer a no deposit and no down payment plan.


Our In-House claims adjuster will assist and guide you and your injured employee through the claims process and work closely with the medical providers to ensure a timely recovery.


Pure Business Solutions has a network of medical providers for immediate attention to an injured employee. These providers are familiar with our policy requirements to do any post accident drug screening and to coordinate any Return to Work issues.


Our Return to Work policy facilitates a back to work feature that allows the employee to perform light or restricted duty and places them in a position for quick recovery.


Contact with our In-House claims adjuster is open to provide you up to date information on the status of your employee during the claims process.

Employee Benefits // 02

Attracting and retaining quality employees is critical for your business' success. However, as a small or mid-sized company you face many challenges. Most insurance companies require participation levels that are hard if not impossible to meet. Also, you as the employer are required to contribute at least 50% of the employee only portion for medical insurance. These are tough hurdles to cross!


Pure Business Solutions offers you a solution that can overcome these obstacles! We offer various plans from Medical Group plans to Individual plans that meet the different needs of your employees.


For more information on our commercial insurances and benefits, visit our agency website at Insource Insurance Agency.



  • 401k Retirement Plan

  • Section 125 Cafeteria Plans

  • Flexible Spending Accounts

  • CollegeBound Fund (sm)



  • Major Medical and Mini-Med Plans

  • Dental

  • Vision

  • Supplemental Insurance Products


Safety and Risk Management // 04

The goal of Pure Business Solutions is to protect you from those losses that can be devastating to a small to medium sized company. One generally accepted risk management method is to provide you with Workers' Compensation Insurance that will aid in providing employees with medical, pharmaceutical, therapy, and limited income benefits for work related injuries.


Without Workers' Compensation Insurance you can't defend yourself against an employee law suit, even if you can prove negligence on the part of the employee. We offer a no deposit and no down payment plan tailored to the specific work being accomplished by employees



  • Safety Training and Assistance

  • OSHA regulatory compliance assistance

  • Loss control program evaluation and development

  • Accident reporting and investigation

  • Work-site evaluation for risk assessments

  • Safety Handbooks

  • Drug testing

  • Pre-OSHA work-site inspection


Our pro-active stance to help you establish and maintain a safe work environment for employees should reduce the severity and frequency of work place accidents. Injuries are costly, not only in dollars but they also affect employee morale and could hamper production or interrupt services.


Our Safety Department will customize a safety plan that's right for you. Whether you're a retail store or in manufacturing, the safety plan is your guide to safe work practices and compliance with regulatory requirements

Human Resources // 05

Managing employees is more than having a supervisor check their work. Labor laws for compliance are complex and ever-changing. It is critical to have an expert in this area of your business!


  • Employee Handbooks

  • Compliance assistance with all applicable labor laws

  • Unemployment claims handling

  • Benefit tracking and eligibility

  • Employee database retention

  • COBRA eligibility and administration

  • Hiring and Firing assistance

  • INS I-9's tracking and compliance


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