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Professional Services

The mission of Pure Business Solutions is providing our clients access to a specialized source of products and services delivered seamlessly and supported by a professional, courteous, and motivated team of individuals allowing our clients to recognize the improved efficiency they desire.

Professional Employer Organization (PEO) //  01

PEO Benefits


A PEO allows us to give you the resources of owning a fortune 500 company for your small to medium sized businesses. 


For about the price of a single employee, you can gain access to a fully staffed administrative support team that specializes in:

  • Human Resources

  • Payroll

  • Safety and Risk Management

  • Workers Compensation

  • and a variety of benefits. 


You can focus on what you got into business to do and let us take care of the rest!


What We Do


As a Professional Employer Organization, we establish a co-employment relationship with your employees.


Your company is the on-site employer (you hire, fire, train, and manage your employees: basically everything you do now) and we become the employer of record.


Because of many businesses like yours, we are able to use our massive buying power to offer many additional advantages that your business can benefit from, as well as remove many liabilities and headaches keeping owners up at night.

Administrative Services Organization (ASO) //  02

Understanding the ASO Relationship


If you're already familiar with our PEO Services, then you will find our ASO (Administrative Services Organization) Services of the same quality. The basic difference is that with ASO, you have the ability to continue to use your existing insurance coverage's (w.c., medical, etc.) and still obtain payroll and administrative services from Prime Source.


We establish a relationship with you to assist you with your employee administration duties, such as payroll, human resources, safety and employee benefits. You hire, train and supervise your staff, we do the rest! When we assume these duties, you can rest assured that your company is in compliance and experts are working around the clock for you! By using our services, you have more time to do what you do best, run-your-business!

Payroll Services //  03

Payroll processing only is a very straight forward service. This is when you've got all the Human Resource, Safety and Workers' Compensation under control and just need some help making sure you get all the payroll rules and taxes adhered to. You send in your payroll information, we process the checks and send them back to you for distribution.

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